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 By: Tanya Dorris, YWAM Austin
Northgate Simple Church Blog
Northgate Simple Church Fellowship
 Last Tuesday evening, we at River City Hope Street Simple Church brought Rachael Caron and Toni Moreno from Texas State University  to share with our youth the value of working hard to get into college.  We had young people, from the age of 9 to 16, who heard that what they are doing now is determining their future.  That with good decisions, hardwork, and perserverance they could change their life patterns and succeed in the field they choose.  And we are there to help them.  We have been teaching our youth, that as they grow to know Jesus and allow Him to work in their lives, the He has a plan to prosper them and give them a hope and future.  Rachael and Toni helped us plant that hope for their future and we are grateful.

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