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Help us reach our $15,000 goal!

It’s that wonderful time of year again where Austin unites in philanthropy to help the plethora of non-profits that make our city shine with hope and love.  We hope you will join us in providing “Hope for the Whole Family” through the non-profits of River City Hope Street.  We provide Adult Education to the working and non-working poor looking to improve their job skills so they can better provide for their families and be self sufficient…not relying on government assistance.

We provide opportunities to improve job skills through adult education classes like job readiness/computer skills, English speaking skills, and help participants identify and overcome patterns/cycles that may be holding them back in life, relationships and work through a faith-based program that teaches purpose and who we are in Christ. We offer GED, citizenship, and trades classes through Career Life Ministry Electrical and Plumbing.  We recently added a web development class where participants are learning coding skills.

We serve apartment communities through our Simple Church, English Language Ambassadors and Ally One Mission non-profits.  Through this ministry we are able to take church to communities where the majority would not attend church otherwise.  We are also teaching ESL to refugees in the apartment communities and mentoring their kids through the sports programs of Ally One Mission.

We are able to do all of this at little to no cost because of the ongoing generosity of the community helping us provide hope to the families in Austin and surrounding areas.

Our goal of raising $15,000 will help with sponsorships for participants who wish to attend our trades and website development classes to offset the cost of supplies needed for these courses as well as provide childcare for the single parents attending.

If you would like to participate in helping us alleviate poverty in your community please click the AMPLIFY icon below to give.


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