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5 months ago

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A note from our Life Bridge site at Great Hills. Last week, when registering students for ESL, I had the privilege of talking with a beautiful, young Christian woman from Iran. In her country, she had been secretly meeting for worship in a home, since Christians are persecuted there. Sadly, she was discovered and arrested. She was jailed and given a sentence of two years. She was in prison for all of three (probably very scary) days and was let out by giving collateral of some kind, but was under surveillance for two years. I don't know all of her story, but somehow she made it to the U.S. What impressed me the most was the joy she had in Jesus. There was no bitterness at her persecution, only trust in the One she loves and follows. She spoke the name of Jesus as someone who knows Him intimately. The joy she radiated was far greater than any language barrier between us. I often pray to God for encouragement, and she was definitely a wonderful answer to that prayer!

"Blessed are the persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom
of Heaven." Matt. 5:10


A huge thank you to all who attended our Friendship Fiesta fundraiser. We exceeded our goal of $10,000 by $2,000! Thank you, again, for praying, serving and giving toward this Kingdom building work. ...