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We are delighted to share this email from one of our participants, Judy, who is an office manager.

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“Thank you for providing a wonderful place for people to come for training.  I have already learned things on the computer that I never knew — on my second day of class! The people are awesome.  I can see why you enjoy working there.  Its a place of peace and calm.
I don’t know if you know this or not, but Texas Workforce no longer does any computer classes, nor does the public library, at least not here in Bastrop. You have to do everything by yourself.  They answer questions, if they are available. My nephew teaches computer classes at Austin CC.  He told me that I would be totally lost … because they move extremely fast and they are not interested in personalized help.  
So that means–  what you all offer is priceless.  I count it an honor to actually come there and have a teacher in a small class that will help and not leave beginners in the dust.  
Service nowadays is not available to the general public by agencies.  They don’t have time, personnel, nor do they have the budget.  If they had the budget, they would have so much red tape attached to it that the public would not get much! Plus at Life Bridge, you all have a true heart to make a difference and most agencies don’t.
Here is another thought.  When you are in a class I believe that there is more accountability than when you are doing tutorials in a cubicle.  There is also a chance to make friendships or contacts for a job possibility.”
WOW!  We think Judy has caught on to what we do and why!
If you would like to help us be able to provide free community services please consider a donation.  It costs $80 per day to serve free lunches to our participants and $50 per week to provide free childcare. We also have vehicle maintenance expenses because we provide transportation and gas for participants without vehicles  to attend job training. Any amount you can contribute will help us in our efforts to fight poverty in our communities.