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One Great GIFT to LBJC has been 4 vans from Cap Metro!

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What did you get for Christmas? Was it big or small? The right color? Something that really suits you? Will it be useful or bring you joy? Will you remember the giver as you enjoy the gift?

I received some additions to my earring collections and to my scarf set. I also have a new bracelet and a new book on my shelf. I will truly enjoy the earrings and think of my daughter and husband who told the story of getting really silly at a crafter’s market. They told the story so well I laughed hard, too. If you know me, I often wear a scarf for a splash of color. I was complemented this season on 2 green scarves I already own and a pin made of silver bells. It says Celebrate the Season, to me. Now I have a new mustard yellow scarf you will see soon! Not only do I like these gifts, they suit me and make me think of the givers.

The bracelet has semi-precious stones that remind me of the RED blood of Christ, the streets of GOLD in Heaven that awaits, the PURPLE royalty now mine as I am a Child of the King and the GREEN that reminds me to grow in my faith. And the book? It is called “Not a Fan.”  It asks if I am a fan of Jesus or am I follower? The second requiring commitment to “go and follow” in the footsteps of my Master. I cannot remain a fan whose enthusiasm ebbs with circumstances or when it is not convenient.

What did you get for Christmas? Will you set the gifts in a cupboard, closet or jewelry box? Fellas- will your gift sit on a hanger or in a frig or a garage? Or will you take your gift out of its box and use it? Will you remember the giver?

These questions resonate in my heart as well. What wonderful gifts I have been given by Christ. They were costly gifts and He crafted them for me! These gifts suit me well and are very personal- gifts like forgiveness, peace, joy, and friendship. I am hearing from my pastor that Prayer is a gift and all believers are called to participate in this gift together. There are gifts of joy that prompt celebration and sobering gifts that must be used for my benefit and the benefit of others.

Will you unwrap all your gifts, put them to use and honor the Giver? (You may have to remind me in June.) These are gifts for the New Year and beyond! Happy, happy receiving as you celebrate the coming of 2015 with precious gifts.

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