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I received an email from my dear friend Annie Fanslow this morning.  Annie is one of the sewing instructors at Life Bridge Job Corps.  I have watched God do amazing things in Annie’s life.  She took ESL classes at Hill Country Bible Church and she and her daughter Fair were mentored by several HCBC members.  I first met Annie while working with her as a direct care attendant and then through hiring her late first husband to do some work for another of my employers. Her husband accepted Christ about a year before passing as a result of her prayers and those of her friends and co-workers who also went to HCBC. Fair grew in her Christian walk and was a team lead for Backyard Bible Clubs at HCBC. She also led missionary trips to China and served as an interpreter.  I have always admired and have been inspired by Annie and Fair’s total embracing of God’s love and trust that He would be there for them. And I am honored that God has blessed me with Annie’s friendship.  

Back to the email… Annie shared an amazing story about patience and trust in God this morning and I wanted to share it, because I know it will inspire someone who is waiting for an answer and needing hope.  I hope it will bless you as it has blessed me.

Mary Ann

Annie and Fair 2 Annie and Fair 3Annie and Fair



Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I am grateful to all the sisters and brothers of the Rock Chinese Church and Hill Country Bible Church community that you have come to hear the testimony of my Daughter Fair’s. For Friends and sisters and brothers who don’t know us. After speaking on the phone with her yesterday I have learned she is returning to Round Rock and will work HCBC for her internship. When she gets home she will schedule her time and would love to meet with anyone who would like to meet her and hear of her experiences of the past two years as a student in Christ at Biola Christian University.

This is what happened at the start of the spring of 2015 semester. Fair did not have enough money to pay for the second semester of her second year. I was thinking her time spent on missions trips to China and Africa would have been better spent at a job earning money for tuition. Since she was short money for the spring semester I figured she would have to come home and go to Austin Community College while earning money on a part time job. I figured after a year off from Biola she would have earned enough money to go back for her Junior year of her College. When I suggested this way to go might be better. Fair she told me that she really loves studying at Biola and feels that God has directed her in her life so far. Fair stayed in California for Christmas with one of her good friend, after Christmas she returned to Biola for work to earn some money for her tuition. Bless Her Heart!!!!

On the day before Spring enrollment closed she called me on the phone, her voice was low key and sad, she did not have enough money to pay the spring semester tuition to enroll in classes. She knew she obviously had to come home and temporarily abandon her calling at Biola University. She didn’t ask for money but instead asked that I pray for her. She sent prayer requests to Hill Country Bible Church as well as people she worked with on her recent mission trip. She asked many of her friends, classmates, and professors to pray for her as well. The next morning she discovered a miracle had occurred!!!! The finance office called her to inform her that an anonymous donation of $12,000 was made to her account to enroll her in school for the spring semester. She called me on the phone and said MOM this is a Miracle!! I am enrolled Mom. I heard her crying on the line as she praised the Lord for who helped her fulfill her dream to study Gods words at Biola University. The person who donated her tuition did not leave a name but was clearly inspired by Jesus.

Fair has worked so hard to share Gods loving and caring message with people around the world. I consider her brave and courageous and an example to others around her. She is a shining example of how the Lord who died for our sins works miracles in our lives. Her faithfulness and trusting God increases daily. Fair and I thank God every day and are so thankful for the people in our lives who prayed for us. God’s unconditional love has provided her with a positive attitude that has helped her in so many ways.

I hope you learn from Fair’s true story how God provides us with unconditional love and will provide us with what we need. The lesson is that if we put out hope in our Lord Savior Jesus Christ to run our lives that God will always hear our prayer. May God Bless you and your family by this true story!

Love in Christ

Annie/ Yanhua

annie blog Annie teaching sewing

Annie works hard as a volunteer at Life Bridge maintaining our sewing machines and helping participants learn the proper use of the machines. She is remarried and she and her husband are expecting her second child in May.  Join us in prayers of rejoicing with them for Fair’s future and  for the health of Mark and Annie and their child. And please be in continued prayer for Fair’s studies at Biola and summer internship at Hill Country Bible Church!