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As with all the other classes at Life Bridge, this 2015 spring session of sewing had an increase in participants as well as nationalities represented. There is something magical about seeing God creating masterpieces of new friendships crossing cultural boundaries as participants learn to create. We have many returning students and have started a new advanced class in partnership with one of River City Hope Street’s Simple Church refugee ministries.  We are excited to learn more about each other despite language barriers… it seems sewing is a global language that closes cultural gaps. Our returning participants are learning new things as well as volunteering to teach in the beginning sewing class. We are a quilt sewn of global threads, a masterpiece of God.

First Day of ClassFirst day of sewing class:2015 threading the needle First day of beginner sewing 2015

Sewing with a paper patternSewing Iraqi 2 2015

Sewing Pamela 2015 2Learning to make green bags out of t-shirts

Getting ready to make green bags 2015


Sewing...learning beginner Iraqi


Sewing PeLeestudent helping student 2015:Millie Sewing 5 2015 Sewing 3 2015 Sewing 2 2015 Sewing 1 2015 Sewing Pamela 2015

sewing iraqi 2015

Sewing DaLee 2015Participants have become volunteers and are now serving others

Student helping student Mona 2015 Sewing ...Student helping student 2015

Almost finished… just need to add double fold biased tape to the arms and neck… stay tuned for finished product!Sewing Ellen 2015 Millie Sewing 2015 annie blog

Crystal and daughter sewing 2015We want to say a special thank you to our resident “Mr. Wilson”!  He hung our thread and bobbin rack!

Our resident Mr. Wilson:sewing 2015


If you would like to help us with donations so we can keep our sewing classes free for our participants, we are in need of bobbins, machine needles and have a big dream list of 3 sewing work stations that are counter height.