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We have been blessed by the service of so many volunteers and want to take time to give thanks to those who reach out and answered God’s call to show up and make a difference in so many lives…there is nothing ordinary about the people God send our way…they are all EXTRAORDINARY.

IMG_3287We have been so blessed by a husband and wife team in the community who have showed up in a big way to bless Life Bridge Job Corps and some of the other ministries up on the hill at the Christian Resource Center.  The Abbots have rolled up their sleeves and helped prepare meals, watch kids and load items that have been donated for the Savers Charity Drive.


IMG_3218One of the stories that touched our hearts in particular involved a veteran.  He wanted to attend the job fair that Hero’s Night Out was having but did not have childcare for his daughter Ruby.  Cindy Abbott came on and volunteered to watch his daughter while he attended the job fair.  She was able to use the nursery at Life Bridge Twin Lakes and we all got to share in the delight of the veteran’s beautiful daughter.

We pray blessings on the Abbot family and are thankful for their generosity in reaching out to our program.

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