STARRY is an emergency youth shelter.

Page Johnston STARRY Garden Leader
Page Johnston
STARRY Garden Leader

The garden was started there in April 2011. In August 2012 we bought pumpkin seeds for the kids at STARRY to grow. When we bought the seeds the garden store informed us we would not have pumpkins in time for the kids to pick in October. They said there would be no way they would be ready by then.

I informed the kids who were very excited about growing the pumpkins that was a slim to zero chance they would be ready to pick by October. I told them maybe if we pray over the patch they will be ready in time for us to pick. They agreed and we prayed over the patch. Some of the kids did not know how to pray so it was a good opportunity to show them.

One of the kids went out every day and tended the pumpkin patch. The staff said they used the garden as tool to make him behave. If he was good and stayed out of trouble he could go out and tend the pumpkins.

The prayers worked and a week into October we had a huge pumpkin. It was an answer to prayer.

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