Horizon Bay Senior Living Community

Paul Pimentel Garden Leader
Paul Pimentel
Garden Leader

8005 Conerwood Drive

Austin TX, 78717

This garden serves a senior living community.

Contact Garden Leader Paul Pimentel at paul_pimentel@dell.com if you would like to participate in this opportunity to serve.

Ron was a resident at Horizon Bay an Assisted living community in Austin, TX. Assisted living communities have a variety of services to meet the needs of people with various physical and mental challenges.

Ron had moved to Horizon Bay a few years ago. Ron wanted to find something that he could participate in and contribute his skills. He was excited to hear that Grow Together was going to build a garden there in March 2011. Ron had always gardened at home and very much looked forward to gardening again.

Ron would go out throughout the day to tend the garden. His enthusiasm was contagious. He gained a garden following and others came out to assist him in tending the garden. Ron became a leader of the garden team. Ron overcame the obstacles of having to garden in a wheelchair and thrived in leading the garden effort there. He inspired those around him and motivated others to get out and get involved in the garden. The garden had brought Ron friendships and purpose in tending the garden.