Van Short Capitol Village Leader
Van Short – Capitol Village Leader

Serving the needs of Austin refugees.

6855 E Highway 290
Austin, TX 78723

Contact Van Short at if you would like to participate in this opportunity to serve.

Capitol Village Garden Story

Edward has been a faithful garden tender at Capitol Village. Edward would wonder out and give me gardening advice while I was gardening. Edward decided to act on his advice and worked on some of the garden task he saw that needed to be done. Edward took ownership in the garden. While we were out in the garden I asked Edward what church he went to and he said he did not go to a church. I invited Edward to come with us to check out the church me and my wife go to.

Over the last two and half years we have, car pooled people to church, set up Bible studies, connected people to missional communities and churches, helped support new church, created ESL and prayed for people that we have meet in our garden communities. Connecting people to church and getting those we serve out of isolation is very important next step after we meet them in the garden. We have had the opportunity to see people in our communities come to know Christ and we look forward to seeing more of that fruit.

Capitol Village Garden
Capitol Village Garden