Ally leads underprivileged and refugee children through work, fellowship and sports to help them find purpose in life.


We mentor kids by providing opportunities to play sports by partnering with the select clubs, organizations and events. We also provide work opportunities that offer much needed social skills through our new program called “Shine Bros.”   The camaraderie of being part of work and sports teams inspire a sense of community and a desire for fellowship and friendship with neighbors they would normally not associate. Through meeting their  basic needs, showing them a sense of community, providing opportunities for fellowship and developing work ethics we are able to show them how to live their lives with mission and purpose.

Ally’s new mission, “Shine Bros,”  offers children opportunities to learn perseverance that leads to success so they can one day pay it forward and become business leaders and mentors in their community.

Through “Shine Bros” we are seeking to provide specific needs such as clothes, shoes, food, school supplies etc., and offer both American and Refugee underprivileged kids in Austin an opportunity to earn money while learning important work, communication, personal accounting and social/fellowship skills needed to thrive in work environments.

If you would like more information about our mission at Ally One Mission or “Shine Bros”  and how you can help us pour into the lives of the underprivileged kids, contact Rick Zamora at shinebroaustin@gmail